Swivel Recovery Eyes


Sale price£29.51 inc vat


Professional 18mm recovery eye made from high grade bright zinc plated steel with the ability to rotate whilst recovery is in progress - lessening the straining on ropes and cables.

Different sizes are available depending on bumper thickness and application.

Also available for the front bumper is a custom mounting bracket for L/R Defender 90, 110, 130 standard bumpers.

All complete with locating circlip.

A universal 100mm x 90mm x 6mm re-inforcing plate is available for mounting the 61mm Extended Swivel Recovery Eyes to any flat surface which may need an additional load spread plate behind it.

The Swivel Recovery Eye for STD Bumper consists of 1 x Swivel Recovery Eye, 1 x Load Spread Plate & 1 x Bracket. (The bumper will need a hole cut for the swivel to fit for this application)

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