Rear Wheel Carriers


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Opens as one with the rear door. No pins, no levers, no swinging wheels on carriers, no load on the rear door.

Just open the door by the handle as usual and the door and wheel swing away effortlessly together.

Available with or without built-in Hi-Lift Jack carrier for CSW and Hard Tops. Truck Cab model available which opens independently of the drop down tailgate. (Post 2002 model with Hi-lift Jack Carrier shown above).

All moving joints have grease nipples.

Available for:
Land Rover 90, 110 and pickups

Finishes available:

  • Black Powder Coated.
  • Galvanised.
  • Galvanised and black powder coated.

(Galvanising gives a commercial/agricultural type of finish. It's sole purpose is to offer protection against corrosion. )

Optional Spacer Nut:
If you are replacing your original rear door spare wheel bracket with one of our Swing Away Rear Wheel Carriers you can use the existing spacer nuts to space the spare wheel & tyre away from the rear door wiper arm - if not use 3 of our spacer nuts. 

* Extra Large Tyres
The wheel carriers for Extra Large Tyres listed are for tyre size above 265.

Wheel Carriers are not stock items,

Please allow 15 working days delivery time after order is placed...

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