Discovery 2 (98-04) Polybushes


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3 key benefits: Ease of fitting, long life & total control.

Polybush is a brand name - such as Hoover. Not all urethane bushes are 'Polybushes'. Beware of the use of this premium brand name being applied to cheap inferior bushes - they are not the same.

Polybush only use premium grade polyurethane made to a standard - not a price.

You will often hear that someone fitted Polybushes and they didn't last five minutes! What they should have said was that they fitted a cheap brand of urethane bushes and they didn't last five minutes!

We only sell Polybush and no other brand of urethane bushes.

We guarantee all of our Polybush for two years and carry the full range in stock from individual bushes to a full kit.


  • Doesn't age or perish. 
  • Unaffected by oils and fuel. 
  • Doesn't crush. 
  • Is very resilient. 
  • Is very elastic. 
  • Is very hard to tear. 
  • Excellent abrasion resistance. 
  • Is unaffected by cold. 
  • Tooling is inexpensive and quick to produce. 
  • Pure material, no abrasive additives. 
  • Will bear very high loadings. 
  • Very easy to fit - no special tools required.

Discovery Series 2 Polybush Orange Kits:
For Discovery 1998 to 2004:

All Kit components can be purchased separately from kits, just select part number in option drop down 


KIT 20
Part No: Description: Bushes per set
1AB Front Radius Arm to Axle 4
1BC Front And Rear Radius Arm to Chassis 2
1AS Front Panhard Rod 2
1AE Rear Axle - Watts Link to Chassis Bush 2
1BC Front And Rear Radius Arm to Chassis 2
1AD Rear Radius Arm to Axle 4


Part No: Description: Bushes per set
1AF ARB Front/Rear - 30mm Conventional Suspension 2
1AT Front Damper Lower Bush 2
1AU Front, Rear, Top & Bottom Damper Bush 2
1AW Front Anti Roll Bar Bush With ACE 2
1BF Extended Bumpstop 35mm Front & Rear 1
1BW Standard Height Bumpstop Front & Rear 1
1AZ Bonded Panhard Rod Bush 2
1DB ARB Rear Bush - 19mm Conventional Suspension 2
1DC ARB Rear Bush - 29mm Air Suspension - NON ACE 2
1DK Exhaust Mount - 4 Hole 1

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