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Extreme Coil Springs

Extremes coil springs are based on the factory standard fitted lengths. The +2" spring will be 2" taller from when the vehicle was new, not necessarily 2" taller than the current fitted length/ride height.

It is commonly thought that springs get softer over time, this is not true. Coil springs loose their length not their rate/poundage if their ability to support the vehicle sprung weight.

Dampers - what we commonly call shock absorbers (the spring is technically the shock absorber) loose their damping effect over time (due to the oil loosing its viscosity as it absorbs and disipates the energy as heat) and give the feeling that the springs have gone soft.

The vehicle is also affected by how it is loaded. Roof racks, roof tents, tool boxes, spare wheels, winches, roll cages full/empty fuel tanks etc. all have a significant effect on the vehicles ride height and handling.

The vehicles usage also has to be taken into account. Whether a family vehicle driving for pleasure, spirited road driving, off road, towing or competition will have a bearing on the coil spring rate and length required.

All the above factors should be taken into account when purchasing new coil springs.

When choosing replacement coil springs Extreme will take the time to listen and understand what you want to achieve.

95% of all enquires can be supplied from our vast stock.

If we do not have the springs you require on the shelf we can order them in to suit your vehicle.


Extreme coil springs are manufactured using silicone chrome steel. The coils are made to BS1726 tolerances, accurate to ? 2% on the design rate. The coils go through a number of heat treating processes - hardening, quenching and tempering, to ensure accurate hardness. This ensures minimal setting over years of hard use.

The Process

  • The coil starts life as a large 4ft coil of wire weighing around 300kgs.
  • The coil is suspended above the coiling machine and the end is attached to the coiling spindle and coiled to the required number of coils and length. 
  • The ends are trimmed, pigtailed or ground flat as required.
  • Following a ten minute soak in the furnace the coil is quenched in oil, then placed in a low temperature tempering oven to achieve correct hardness.
  • After cooling the springs are shot peened and pre-stressed, commonly known as scragging.
  • Once pre-stressed, each coil is load tested for accuracy.
  • Finished with a powder coat.

Our stock

  • Over 200 part numbers stocked for Land Rover application. 
  • In a range of lengths and rates to suit your requirements.
  • Wire gauge from 5mm to 22mm.
  • Road
  • Fast Road.
  • Towing.
  • Recreational off road.
  • Race trial challenge.
  • Specials to your requirements.
  • 1.9", 2.25" and 2.5" I.D. springs for coil overs.
  • 95% of vehicle sets sold are tailored to your needs. 
  • Because of the vast stock that we hold we can normally dispatch the correct spring combination within 24 hours. 
  • We certainly don't offer one set fits all - it just doesn't work.

Subject to terms and conditions.

  • Lifetime warranty is valid for the original purchaser against manufacturing defects.
  • Excludes powder coating finish and race events.
  • Resetting and re-powdercoat charges available on request.

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