6/12/24 Volt battery Maintainer/Charger

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Automotive battery charger for all lead/acid batteries, including sealed for life, Gel, AGM Maxxima/Optima/Odyssey and maintenance free.

Continuous maintenance and topping up. These chargers will charge a flat battery over a 24-48 hour period. The Durite range of chargers (with the exception of the 6/12 Volt Battery Maintainer Charger) have a built in safety circuit which will not allow a charge if the battery has less than 8 volts. If your battery has less than 8 volts in, please ring for further information.

Features include:

  • Micro chip controlled three stage charging, allowing the charger to be left permanently connected to maintain a fully-charged status without harming the battery.
  • Comes with crocodile clip and leads.
  • CE Approved.

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